2014 Sainfoin Seed For Sale $1.50 per pound, Includes free Inoculant, This Sale is only Good until October the 10th! We also have 2015 Certified Manska Pubescent Wheatgrass seed for sale at $6.50 per#, It has a certified germanation rate of 98 %. Order this Foundation Seed now as we are selling out fast!




Sainfoin is a non-bloating legume that has nitrogen fixation capabilities and can be used in a forage mixture. Sainfoin also is extremely palatable and nutritious for all classes of livestock and wildlife. Livestock actually prefer sainfoin even when other plants species are readily available. Other uses include wildlife habitat restoration, wildlife food plots or as a legume component in the conservation reserve program (CRP). Sainfoin is often compared to alfalfa based on its nitrogen fixation, forage capabilities, and nutritional value. The main advantages of sainfoin are the earlier maturation rate, non-bloating qualities, resistance to the alfalfa weevil and higher digestible nutrients when compared to alfalfa. Another important advantage over alfalfa is that sainfoin is resistant to the root rot phase. The earlier maturation allows for earlier spring forage for grazing and hay cutting which is beneficial to livestock operations (Gray, 2004, p. 2).

We have the highest quality Shoshone Sainfoin Seed you can find at a Price that we will not be beat!

Our Shoshone Sainfoin seed comes from foundation seed produced by the University of Wyoming. Our Shoshone Sainfoin Seed (in 2011) had a germination rate of 97 %, and a purity rating of 99 %.

Our Angus Beef Cattle love it! They prefer it to alfalfa and we love it because it does not need fertilizer and cuts our cost of feed significantly.

Our 2014 seed crop is ready for immediate delivery. Our Delany seed is ready

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Yes This a picture of one of our Sainfoin feilds and the deer are standing! As you can see the deer love it! All you can see are the big bucks velvety horns sticking out above the lush pink stems of flowering Sainfoin


* Requires no fertilizer

* Produce 10% More Milk & Meat

* The perfect Organinc feed

* Can be pastured and will not cause bloat in cattle or sheep

* Protein levels comparable to alfalfa

*Great for wildlife plots, deer, elk, pheasants, ducks, geese, and turkeys love it

* Weevils and aphids will not bother Sainfoin

* University of Wyoming cases show that Sainfoin does produce more tonage than alfalfa

* original Bighorn Remont Sainfoin Seed is from a stand of Sainfoin that has been in production for over 20 years

* naturally high tannins which can kill worms in livestock

* water requirements are minimal

* No frost or freeze problems, very winter hardy

* Healthy Wholesome Fodder (webster Dictionary)

* Holds leaves & less dry time

* High sugar & carbs

* No growth Inhibitor

* Long Lived Perennial

* Elevation & weather flexible

* Can be reseeded in existing stands with no problem

* All Livestock Love IT!


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